1. Jan. 10$^{th}$ - 17$^{th}$, Online presentations
    • Conference: The 2$^{nd}$ Tsinghua University International Forum on Energy Transition & Pathway to Carbon Neutrality Vision Seminar.
    • Contributed Topics:
      Citizen’s Solar Power Plants in Austria
      Slovenia’s Solar Net Metering Policy
      The Race to Zero-Carbon Power Systems in Europe
      Nuclear Power in the European Union: Keep or Phase-out?
      Germany’s Electric System with High Percentage of Renewables


  1. Dec. 10$^{th}$, Online talks
    • Organizer: China Energy Internet Alliance, Energy IoT Committee.
    • Contributed Talk: Development of the PV market in Austria and Slovenia and Implications for China Policymakers.
    • Click to access the Recording Link .