Nikola V.S. Tesla: Hydrogen Fuel Cells or Battery?

Nikola Motor, a hydrogen and electric truck startup, has been a rising star in the market. After completing its reverse merger with public-traded company VectoIQ Acquisition Corp, Nikola Motor surged at most 130% in the first week of trading, even when no products are delivered in the market. As a fuel-cell pioneer in the vehicle industry, Nikola has gained a market value higher than any other automakers in America except General Motors and Tesla Motor. Discussion between hydrogen and battery-backed electric vehicles also revived with the new Nasdaq business. In this report, we will discuss the following questions: In terms of technical parameters and vehicle performance, what’s the difference between Tesla’s electric semi and Nikola’s hydrogen truck? What challenges will Nikola have to address in the next few years before commercial products enter production? Is there any external influence factor the company need to be prepared? And finally, CAN Nikola replicate Tesla’s success and occupy substaintial market share in vehile industry?

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