About Me

I’m Ruoshui Li (李若水), an Associate at Energy and Environmental Economics,Inc. (E3)’s Bulk Grid group. I recently graduated from Duke University Nicholas School of the Environment with a master’s degree in Environmental Management. Prior to that, I was an undergrad majored in Environmental Science at Hohai University in China.

As an entry-level professional in the Energy and Environment world, I am actively exploring career paths in Carbon-free power grid analysis, Resource Planning, Distributed energy resources integration, and Corporation sustainability. I hope to be part of the solution where I can leverage advanced modeling techniques and problem-solving skills to facilitate seamless and reliable energy transitions in the grid.

Please see Research, Career and Writings tag for more information about my past experiences. Feel free to contact me and talk!

The cartoon character in my webpage is called Cooky, a cute, athletic, and passionate rabbit designed by a member of kpop group BTS, my favorite music band.